December 21, 2011

Furniture ReVamp: Turquoise With Antique Glaze Desk

 This desk was at a consignment sale I recently attended. I snagged it for $15! Although a little bruised up, it was a hefty sturdy piece that has great feet. I thought it would make a great piece to use for our laptop. I get tired of that thing being on the dining table. I had my husband drill a hole underneath the little shelves so I could run the charging cable up through it for the computer. This desk makes a fabulous piece of furniture, as well as an awesome charging station for our gadgets!

Once again, our "Lady Wha-Wha," enjoying one of my projects. I'm beginning to think she knows what the camera is for. Is she really cheezing!?!

I left the top original, and just glazed the top with a varnish to protect from any further discoloration. I switched out the hardware for pretty little vintage style glass knobs. I just think they finished her off so nicely. It's like finding the perfect pair of earrings.

I used a glazing medium with brown acrylic paint. I brushed it on in small sections, then wiped it up, rubbing it into the nooks and crannies of the piece. I'm really pleased with how this little gem turned out. She has quite a bit of character.


  1. I love her little feet and her beautiful "earrings". The original top and that blue look so pretty together. Nice job!


  2. She looks like she's about to dance. Love the shape and your bold color choice. Nice!

  3. Beautiful color, and the glass knobs were the perfect touch!

  4. Thank you! It's a little bold for me to use such color in a furniture piece. I usually use color in accent accessories. But what the heck!

  5. This is the perfect spot for a lap top...mine sits on the dining table too. Came out so pretty , love the wood and turquoise together!

  6. This is really cute! What a color...it totally transformed this piece!

  7. Awesome redo! The taping off of the desk top just really made this special. Looks super!:)

  8. I really like this. Its amazing how much difference the color makes for
    the presentation.


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