December 28, 2011

Vintage Rocking Chair Made-Over

This little rocker is one of a few great finds I got my hands on from my favorite local thrift store. It was a vintage side chair that had been stripped and wooden rocker legs attached. A real hand made piece with a hideous cushion and caning in disrepair. It was exactly the size I needed to have in the living room, or put in the bedroom to rock our newest little princess to sleep. It's character and charm was just a great bonus. I didn't want the same glider that is sold at all the major retailers. I wanted a piece that when the girls are older they'll say, "Remember that rocker mom used to read to us in." Yay! Mission accomplished.

 I painted two base coats of almond colored paint. Then applied a brown acrylic glaze by brushing it on and wiping it off with a terry cloth rag. This piece was stripped in its original condition, so I did not prime the wood. I was so excited about finding the piece, I forgot to start taking pictures before I began to paint.

 The caning on the back was really damaged, and I could not get it to look right. I decided to cover the back caning with fabric, and used cotton batting cut and stapled to fit the window over the caning. I did this mainly so that in the future when I want to revamp the chair again, with new paint or fabric, it is easily removable. I did not use any glues or adhesives with this project.

Hello CLEARANCE isle! I found this trim at Hobby Lobby on clearance and paid $2.67 for the whole spool! It was originally $4+ by the yard. Amazing! I danced all the way out the door to the car.

I cut a piece of fabric (also a clearance bin find by-the-way...wink...wink.) for the back with the same pattern I made to cut the batting. Then I sewed the trim with an inch seam allowance around the edge of the fabric. This enabled me to tack the fabric piece down, and have an edge underneath the trim to fold back and staple. The trim covers the staples once pressed down. Again, I did this so that it is easily removable as my color pallet changes, or I decide to redo the chair all over again. I like being able to make changes easily.

Our kitty "Lady Wha-Wha," is ready for me to get the cushion done. She fell in love with this chair from the moment I brought it into the house, and has made it her perch when I'm not in it.
I had very little of this fabric left, which was not a good thing, because I knew I wanted piping for the seat cushion. I don't know if I have mentioned, I'm not the greatest with a sewing machine. My mother and grandmother tried to teach me to sew at a young age, however, it wasn't until I had little girls of my own and began my thirties that I realized the skill is very useful! Anyhow, after reading directions on sewing the piping from the Curbly.com blog post, I simply cut strips and sewed them together per the directions. I also cheated a little bit. Instead of using the cotton upholstery chord that was at the fabric store for $14.99; I used some nylon chord I found at the Dollar Tree, which was originally intended for use as clothes line on the back patio. I mean, I don't have much knowledge about the rules of sewing, but common sense, I have a decent portion.

 The little ones began to cry, and mommy was needed for immediate nap time comfort, so my gracious thirteen-year-old helped me finish sewing the piping, chalking the cushion outline, and then pinning the piping on the cushion fabric. My older girls are life savers, and they've paid much more attention to their grandmothers wonderful teachings and instructions than their mother ever did.

 My two-year-old had to pose for the camera after lunch before nappy time. It's amazing how we can go from fussy tears to posing in an instant.

Once I finished constructing the cushion cover on the sewing machine, I placed it over the original, and stapled it underneath on the original cushions wooden base. I then placed the cushion into the framework of the chair.
TaaDaa! And there we have her. Ready years of reading our collection of Little Golden Books.

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  1. Oh you did a great job with the chair. The bottom cushion with the linning scares me, so kuddos on a job well done. :) ove the vintage-y fabric too :)


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